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Certified Holistic Health Coach

I support women with their health goals, and empower them to choose health-promoting behaviors that work for them. I help my clients identify patterns, shift limiting beliefs, and grow a healthy mindset while supporting them through their journey.

I use a forward-thinking approach that is supported by both science and experience. I view health holistically and support my clients with a variety of lifestyle habits like yoga, meditation, drinking more water, expressing gratitude, building nutritious meals, self-care, and movement.

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Take the next step to support your health and happiness. Schedule a free Goal Call with me to learn more.

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Goal Call, $0

During your goal call, we will spend 60 minutes getting to know each other. I will have you fill out a form beforehand that will help me learn your goals, challenges, and the lifestyle changes you want to make. You will have the option to choose in-person, or Zoom when you schedule. I do prefer our initial meeting be either in-person or via a video platform.

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6 Month Program, $195 / mo

Throughout my 6 month coaching program, we will meet twice a month, and will work together as a team to implement your goals over time. We will look at lifestyle, diet, health, movement, relationships, spirituality and more. Nourishment happens on different levels, and we will work together to balance all of them.


Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation have truly changed my life, and I am here to share these beautiful practices with you. My yoga classes and meditation practices are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience in hard times, increase happiness and optimism, and increase life satisfaction. Yoga is also a really great low impact practice where you build strength and muscle while calming your mind. Contact me to discuss creating a practice tailored to your goals and needs.


I am here to help you. Let's take that next step towards better health together.

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Intuitive Eating, $225

My Intuitive Eating program is a 6-week program where we will meet once a week for 6 weeks. I truly do not believe in dieting, but rather listening to your body and honoring your hunger. We will look at your cravings, and what you're currently eating to discuss a holistic approach. This program is more intensive than my 6-month program, and focuses on developing a healthy relationship with food, and creating a health diet.

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Gut Health, $75

Learn all about the importance of gut health in one coaching session. We will go over all of the foods that feed the good bacteria in your gut and when to eat them. This coaching session addresses bloating, discomfort after eating a meal, and so much more.

Cleaning Time

Toss The Toxins $75

This one hour session will take place at either your home or via a video platform. Together we will talk about the different toxins that might be present in your home, and how to remove them. We will discuss cleaning and laundry products, products with synthetic fragrance, personal care products, and more. This session is a great starting point on your journey to a healthier home!

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